Sometimes it may seem like there are other individuals saying getting experts on matchmaking than there are actual people dating.

(Would I squeeze into that class? Cannot answer that. I’d like to maintain my illusions of usefulness.)

A lot of them are likely cheats generating circumstances upwards or regurgitating exhausted information they read in Cosmo, just a few – a special couple of – tend to be genuine professionals whom deserve their unique expert position. And couple of match that information a lot better than Christian Rudder, the info whiz behind OkCupid’s famous OkTrends blog site and recent composer of an item in The Guardian.

« You will find led OkCupid’s analytics group since 2009, and my personal task will be sound right of this data the customers create, » Rudder writes. « As men and women bring innovation much deeper and further to their lives, it could show us serious and absurd things about just who we have been as humans. »

Others enjoying the noise of « profound and ridiculous » as much as I in the morning? I have to understand: precisely what does OkCupid understand that we regular individuals you shouldn’t? Rudder ended up being sort enough to supply a couple of examples:

  • Black men: dreads, Jill Scott, Haitian, soca, neo spirit
  • Latino guys: Colombian, salsa merengue, cumbia, la, merengue bachata
  • Asian guys: large for an Asian, Asians, Taiwanese, Taiwan, Cantonese

To get more dating secrets from OkCupid’s resident data specialist, stay tuned in for Part II to see Dataclysm: Who We Are (whenever we Think no body’s searching).

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